Fr. Stephen Day, deacons Pat Jeary and Leo Poole, and all the parishioners of St Thomas More welcome you to our parish website. Whether you are an existing member of the parish, a former member of the parish or a visitor we hope you find these pages of interest and that will give you an insight into the past, present and future life of St Thomas More Parish. God bless you.



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THANK YOU for so many of you sharing in Mass over the internet and for the emails of support.
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From the evening of Friday 20 March, Masses and all public acts of worship will cease in Catholic churches in England and Wales. 
Masses will be still be offered but without a congregation.  At St Thomas More, they will be as given on the news sheet which will continue to be issued each week on the website.
You can watch and hear Mass and Exposition via our webcam here.
St Thomas More Church will continue to be open in the usual way for private prayer.
These measures are in response to the Bishops’ statement issued on 18 March, which you can find here.
Cardinal Nichols has issued a very helpful and clear statement about our worship and our service of our neighbours at this time. Read here or listen and view here.
The Archdiocese of Birmingham’s web page about the current situation is here and Archbishop Bernard speaks here.

It is with sadness we announce this. In addition to Mass no longer being said in public, all baptisms currently arranged are now postponed. Parents of children whose baptism had already been arranged will hear directly about this soon. 

Everything already arranged or planned must be considered postponed until further notice.

Confession is available by appointment only and due to social distancing recommendations there has to be a screen or curtain between priest and penitent.

Please pray! Suggestions here

Prayers to make a Spiritual Communion when absent from Mass are included on this sheet here. The obligation to be at Mass has been lifted for the duration of this outbreak. Under current circumstances it is therefore no sin not to be at Mass. But please pray!

The Bishops of England and Wales have produced guidelines for Catholic parishes as things unfold while the Coronavirus remains a concern. We have been instructed to implement stage 2 of those guidelines.
In following these guidelines we at St Thomas More Church have –
 + Removed Holy Water stoups for the time being
 + Stressed the need for clean hands and good hygiene for all, and 
     especially for Eucharistic ministers, at all times
 + Stressed the need for good hygiene in cleaning surfaces in church
 + Made sure liquid soap is available at all sinks and basins, especially
     while hand sanitiser remains difficult to source
 + Suspended the use of shared hymn books and service books
 + Suspended exchanging the sign of peace
 + Suspended the passing of collection bags from person to person
 + Suspended the sharing of the Chalice
 + Suspended tea and coffee after all Masses
 + Recognised the need for those particularly vulnerable to the virus to
     stay away from gatherings of people whether at church or elsewhere
 + Asked anyone with cold or flu symptoms not to attend church while
     symptoms persist. You can watch the parish Mass by clicking here
 + Continued to be aware that the situation may change and so the
     guidelines may change. Our practical response will then change too
Other arrangements for singing and for the collection will be explained at Sunday Mass. We implement these changes out of concern for the common good, and especially for the well being of vulnerable people – the very old, the very young and those who have medical conditions that diminish their ability to fight infections. Please pray! Suggestions here
The Bishops’ Guidelines can be found by following this link
The parish webcam means that those who are at not at Sunday Mass and have access to the internet can hear and see Mass here 
Prayers to make a Spiritual Communion when absent from Mass are included on this sheet here

Twitter: @StThosMore   Email: stmcov@gmail.com

LENT 2020
All Masses and worship is now offered by the priest alone. All parish Lent groups and meetings are now suspended.
Details of new arrangements while the outbreak lasts are here
Weekly news sheets here

Mass Times

Sunday – 9:00am & 6:00pm. Weekdays – Please see the newsletter link 

Sacrament of Reconciliation – Confession
Saturday 9:40am to 10:30am Sunday 5.30-5.50pm before evening Mass.  At Other Times as Announced and by Appointment.

Live Streaming
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The Parish Clergy
The Parish Priest, the Rev Fr Stephen Day, and the parish deacons, the Revs Pat Jeary and Leo Poole, are ably assisted by a great number of parishioners who carry out a huge number of different ministries and roles.

This Week’s Newsletter
Mass times and intentions, news, information, dates, forthcoming events… Click on this link

Baptism of Infants & Children Under Five 
Usually on a Sunday at 12:15am after making arrangements with one of the clergy. Parents are required to attend a meeting of preparation before the baptism can take place. Please speak to one of the clergy after Sunday Mass who can then begin the process and give you the form to fill in.  One of the parents must themselves be a Catholic and the family should be living in the parish. The baptism of children over 5 and of adults requires a course of preparation for the person being baptised. Please see the parish priest after Mass.

To discuss your marriage and make all the necessary arrangements please contact the Parish Priest at least six months beforehand. One of the couple should be living in the parish or have a link with it. Catholic marriage is about three things: lifelong commitment, faithfulness and openness to the gift of children. It is never too soon to see the parish priest.  


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